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Lá Nativá® Bodyflex Cellulite Treatment Gel 200ml


Lá Nativá® Bodyflx Cellulite Treatment Gel reduces fat deposits and visible signs of cellulite, smoothes the skin, while providing a lifting effect.

Lá Nativá® Bodyflx Cellulite Treatment Gel launches the process of fat breakdown, stimulates drainage and promotes elimination of dimples. It warms up the skin and boosts local brood microcirculation, activates metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat tissue. Makes skin smooth and fim. Improves cell metabolism, increases fat loss and prevents formation of new fat deposits. Beta-glucan, which is one of the ingredients of Lá Nativá® Bodyflx Cellulite Treatment Gel stimulates in the skin its own collagen and elastin production.

Result: perfect body contours, slim silhouette and smooth skin.

Recommendations for use: Apply a thin layer onto a clean and dry skin and massage it into the entire surface with smooth massage movements. Pay special

attention to the area of thighs. For external use only. Attention: After application of the gel skin is actively warmed up, which can result in slight skin

redness that disappears soon. To reduce the time required for elimination of redness use body milk Lá Nativá® Bodyflx Cellulite Treatment Milk. Avoid applying the product on mucous membranes and wounds, if accidently applied flsh the area of exposure with plenty of running water. Do not use in case of sensitivity to any product ingredients. The product should not be used beyond the expiration date

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