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Lá Nativá® Collagen Recovery Gel

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Lá Nativá® Collagen Recovery Gel contains 3 exclusive active ingredients, the world’s purest Beta Glucan, which is exclusive to Lá Nativá® in Europe. Should be used together with  Lá Nativá® Skin’Roller.

Lá Nativá®  Collagen Recovery Gel has an antibacterial formula that removes existing blemishes, opens clogged pores and prevents future outbreaks. Lá Nativá® Collagen Recovery Gel protects against the effects from external stress, promotes the skins natural renewal process, and improves skin texture.

  • Strengthens the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin.
  • It hydrates to reduce dryness and flaking.
  • It soothes and reduces redness immediately.
  • It cleanses and revitalises.
  • It combats dermatitis and rashes.

Clinically documented studies have shown:

  • Immediate effect after application, Shiny/ oily skin reduces by 28%
  • In 4 weeks blackheads/ black spots  were reduced by 80%
  • In 4 weeks pimples and acne  were reduced by 77%
  • In 4 weeks skin redness was reduced by 88%
  • In 4 weeks enlarged pores  were reduced by 76%
  • In 4 weeks sebum and excess fat in the skin was reduced by 25%
  • In 4 weeks skin hydration  increased by 38%
  • In 8 weeks production of collagen type 1  increased by 128%
  • In 8 weeks our experience shows a reduction in acne scars of 50-80% with Lá Nativá® Skin’Roller . 

Lá Nativá®  Collagen Recovery Gel:

  • Is  dermatologically tested
  • Uses  high-dose advanced active ingredients
  • Is  unscented
  • Is  not tested on animals
  • Is  a natural product
  • Has  no parabens

Is the world’s purest Beta Glucan, which Lá Nativá®  has exclusivity on in Europe.

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